Wool and Silk Infinity Scarf - Red & Purple

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Also called a Snood Scarf.  This is much more delicate and less bulky. It's versatile and can also be worn with one loop longer than the other and even around your ears and head if needed. Woven of merino wool and silk, this snood will keep you very warm and will be your "go-to" scarf as you run out the door. It's also great to wear under one of our longer scarves--this is how I wear it, so you'll still have comfy coverage if you take off your longer scarf.

The bold robust colours of burgundy and mauve will go with any outfit. Balance out this soft and bouncy snood with a pair of skinny jeans!

16” x 40” (40 cm x 100 cm), 75% merino wool, 25% silk, made in France