My Story


Through a lifetime filled with travel — from a childhood in Saudi Arabia, Greece, and Holland to adulthood in America and everywhere in between — I’ve learned that “home” isn’t always a physical place.

With my travels, I left behind most things–one couch replaced another– there was little I took with me. With each new move, I acquired an entirely different wardrobe appropriate for my home at that time and the chapter of life I was in. One thing always stuck with me though– my scarves.

I began collecting scarves as a young girl in Saudi Arabia, and have since gathered a scarf in every place I have called home. The beauty, warmth, and adaptability of my scarves have allowed me to blend in and also stand out, no matter where my meandering path has taken me.

Now that my path has become more settled, I have turned my attention to sharing my very best scarf discoveries with the world. All of my scarves are hand selected by me and imported from Lyon, France. These scarves have kept my heart connected to my global home, stringing together the story of my life.

With diverse experiences and with different cultures, a combination of destinations, interactions, friendships, and work opportunities along the way, my style is defined by the accessories I pick up throughout my travels. With this in mind, my vision is to eventually offer other quality-made scarves and accessories, such as handbags and jewelry from local artists and small business owners around the world.

Elxi is a Greek word - έλξη (ELksi). It means traction, attraction, pull, affinity, lure. Since I am Greek, I wanted to use a Greek name for my company that would symbolize my attraction towards beautifully designed products I come across during my travels and to lure others to these products.

The number 618 is derived from the Golden Ratio 1.618 (also know as the Greek letter ~ Phi = Φ), an infinite and irrational number, described as 'visual harmony through mathematics..'. The golden ratio is believed to produce aesthetically pleasing proportions and appears in artwork and in nature. The Parthenon and Mona Lisa are supposedly designed using this ratio. Found in the beauty of nature, such as the nautilus shell--this registers in our minds as beautiful.

Let your mind wander and browse elxi618's online boutique and immerse yourself in a little bit of Parisian fashion.